I should add…with a single small step.

It is now 6 months from the moment I had decided to be happy with what I have and take action to change what I don’t like.

I can honestly say that this was the best decision I have ever taken in my life (apart from marrying my husband and having kids, of course).

Over this 6 month period I gained peace of mind. I am more relaxed and optimistic and see out future in bright colours. I am getting less frustrated, if something does not work and I am not afraid to try new things. I approach evry challenge (yes, the word ‘problem‘ is not in my dictionary anymore) with calmness and open mind. And usually the solution is in front of my eyes.

I still have only 24 hours, but I do far more things than before. I spend a lot of time with my family, exercise, read, daydream (I seriously have not got time for this before!). And I still have time to do my usual house chores and everyday tasks.

I know: whenever you decide to change something in your life, it feels like it is impossible to do anything at all. it is never good time to start.

I was there too. And now, after those wonderful 6 months,  I wonder why I have waited so long to be happy? Why it took me nearly 2 years before I started exercising? Nearly 3 to start reading again?And nearly 10 years to take control over my life (that’s from when I finished my university and started working)?

Well, normally I preach about the importance of goals, but today maybe you should take a pen to paper and write all your excuses, why you are not where you want to be. You don’t want to do it? Let me start for you.

You are not taking any action because:

  • It’s not going to work (how do you know?)
  • It’s too late for me (seriously?)
  • I don’t have time (really?)
  • I have never been lucky in life (c’mon it is not about being lucky at all!)
  • If I earn more money, the taxman will take it all (not all, only part of it; you still end up with more that you have now!)
  • ……..

We can go on and on and on….

You are your own best friend, the key to your own happiness, and as soon as you understand that you can be happy. (I don’t know who said that, but it is indeed very powerful)

Start now.

And tell me after 6 months that this decision and actions that followed did not make a difference.