So simple, and yet so difficult to grasp.

I know, you are going to tell me know that differences between men and women are obvious (not just a physical aspect here), so it is nothing to brag about.

And yet most women dream about men coming with a user’s manual…. (but they will never admit that!).

I have just finished reading Barbara Angelis’s book: ‘Secrets about men every woman should know’. These 280 pages completely changed my concept about men.

I can honestly say that this should be a mandatory reading for everybody who is married or in a serious relationship. Communication secrets and the explanation of the differences in women/men thinking and behaviour are worth all the gold you can find and will open your eyes veeeeeery wide. It definitely opened mine.

The message here is very clear: ‘Men are not women’. That means:

  • Men do not think the way women do,
  • Men don’t behave like woman,
  • Men do not process information like women,
  • Men are not mind readers like women are (aren’t we?)
  • ……….

As I wrote at the beginning: So simple, and yet so difficult.