dreams action

1st of January is a date, when we feel like the world belongs to us. We feel committed, we feel we can do anything and nothing can stop us. Yes. It is the time when new chapter of our lives begins. Or a new book with 12 chapters and 365 (or 366) pages in it.

So we nearly shout out our new resolutions:

  • I’m going to lose that 15 pounds,
  • I’m going to start saving money – I will be frugal from now on
  • I will spend more time with my wife/kids/friend/dog/cat/bike/car
  • I will stop biting my nails
  • I will keep my room/house/garage tidy
  • …and so on…

But…. not very many of us actually takes time to write all these dreams down.

Dreams? Yes, until they are on paper and have a deadline, they are only dreams, with no plan.

When you jot them down and give them a specific date of realisation, they become your Goals (I’m convinced that you have hears about SMART Goals concept before, so I am not going to repeat it here)

There is something truly magical in the process of writing down your Goals. Your subconscious mind gets activated and starts working towards their achievement almost immediately.

Now, you will say: “I write my goals every year and hardly ever achieve anything!”

My question to you is: how often do you look at your list of goals for the coming year? My guess is, probably never. My guess is that you probably don’t even know where your list is next day after being written down. And more important: ACTION. What do you do every day that moves you closer to the accomplishment of your goals? Remember: you can only change your life by changing what you have been doing so far (if your goal is to be financially secure, you are not going to achieve it by browsing the internet looking for things to buy and spend money)

Keep your list with you at all times. Look at it frequently. Keep it on paper. Or your phone. Make an MP3 of it and listen to it, make a CD and listen while you are driving. This will shift your focus toward creating a plan to accomplish your goals. Believe in yourself and believe in your ability to accomplish whatever it is you want in your life. And do something every day that puts you closer to your dream life. Everything counts. No matter how small step you take, it can make a difference.

Now my favourite part regarding Goals: You do not need to show them to anybody. Nobody needs to approve them or tell you if it is possible to accomplish them.  They are yours and yours only.To some people your dreams might sound far-fetched, completely unobtainable, or downright silly. No matter what other people say to you, always insist on following your dreams. If you give in, or rather, give up on your dreams, you will never know what could have happened. You only have one life to live, so you might as well give it everything you’ve got.

So today:

Write down your goals, and do something, even small every day to accomplish them.

Thank you for reading. And good luck to you!