Colors are the smiles of nature. [Leigh Hunt]

I have seen this today, and my heart warmed up immediately. What a lovely description of nature!

Looks like we are surrounded by smiles, natural smiles.

colours are the smiles

But look around you and see all the people around being so sad. Instead of smile you can see frown; instead of politeness, you see rudeness, instead of love, you see hatred.

Why for so many people, being a human is to behave like that?

We simply do not appreciate the kindness that nature offers us every day. or we don’t learn from nature at all!

Let’s start today.  Smile back to the nature.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, smile to yourself first. Close your eyes and smile again. If necessary, write yourself a note “Don’t forget to smile”, and put it beside your bed, so it is the first thing you are going to see next morning after wakening up.

When you smile, the nature will smile back.

When you smile to people, people will smile back

I can guarantee!

Try it yourself…