People love smile.

Even if you have only few teeth left.

Start your day with a smile, to yourself. This will brighten your day straight away and boost your self confidence. You will feel like “Today is the Day” and you can do and achieve anything.

And don’t say: “I have nothing to smile about”. I am sure you have plenty of reasons to smile to yourself just now. Look around you and smile will come almost immediately.

Everyday, when I go to work I meet a lot of people who just smile to me. I don’t know who they are, but I smile back. Some of them I meet almost everyday now, and everyday we exchange our morning smiles.

I smile to my husband and my children – they smile back. Always. They are a little bit curious ( I can read this from their faces), but they still smile.

I smile to people in my neighborhood – they smile back. I have one neighbor, whom I usually meet while i am driving to work – he is walking his dog. He is always waving to me now… and smiling! I flash my car lights and smile back.

I smile to people around me – they smile back.

When you smile, people will always smile back. …and wonder, why you are so happy.


You may brighten someone else’s day.

It doesn’t take much to smile, but it could be everything for someone else. Your smile may be just what they need.