I have always loved reading..

I love both a kindle and a (an old mucky) books;).

My kindle is full of books to ready and my shelf is going to break one day with all the boos waiting patiently in a queue to be read;)


I have only limited time to read. Well two small children and full time job answers your ‘why’ question, doesn’t it?


10 pages a day is my MUST. I always need to read at least 10 pages before I go to bed. And you know what? That works really well.

So, Here I am going to share my thoughts after each read book.

I have just finished (literally) reading ‘Maximum Achievement’ by Brian Tracy. Fantastic book that gives you a lot to think about. It is about  your life and where you are going. Priorities, Goals and Purpose.

And Love.

Nothing matters in life without Love. And this starts with accepting and loving yourself first.

For me, as a woman this is a major step forward (if you are a woman you know what I mean; if you are a man, you won’t understand). Anyway, I am learning to Like-Myself  the way I am now.

Read it – this book will change your life.

If you are willing to put some work into it. Remember, important things in life always require decisiveness and commitment to stick with the decision. And if you are committed, you will get what you want.

Let me know when you read it. I may learn something from you…