Almost every day I meet people who seem to be happy. They have big houses, brand new cars, and fancy clothes. From the distance everything is perfect.

But…    they are not happy. They are not even close to be happy. They are tired, stressed… and their eyes don’t smile.

Then I start to wonder…. is having all that not enough to make them happy? Are they crazy? Everybody would like to have what they have. Clearly, they do not appreciate what they have.

Those Unhappy people achieved a lot in their lives, but all this is in conflict with their Priorities.

What are your Priorities in life?


I want to share my priorities with you. But, remember, they are mine.

The highest priority for me is to be actively present and engaged in the life of my family; my husband – Ray, and my children – Tomas and Adam.  I must say this is a bit tricky as at the moment I am working full-time. The time I can spend with them is very limited – usually about an hour in the morning and 2-3 hours in the evenings during weekdays and the whole weekend. This is not as much as I would like. That is why I have my Goals.

Goals are very important. And yet, only approximately 3% of people have them in writing. Most people say: “I know what I want and I don’t have to write it down”. Believe me this is a big mistake.

I write my goals every morning. I have started a Journal (“my Success book) in which I write any ideas that can move me closer to the realisation of my goals.

One of my Goals is to spend more time with my family. At the moment I am incorporating small changes in my house routine, so I can maximize the time I spend with my husband and kids:

  • no internet, computer, phone before 9pm (our children usually sleep at that time and me and my husband can have time for ourselves)
  • no house work that take attention form the family members (apart from preparing meals and quick wash)
  • get out of the house on the weekends (walks, swimming pool, etc)
  • take part in children’s activities (even it is just watching TV with them)
  • exercising early in the morning (when everybody else is still sleeping) or late at night (when everybody else is off to bed)

Those are just a simple ideas how the time spend with loved once can be maximized.

My second priority is to be healthy and fit. To this to achieve my goals are: to lose weight and exercise at least 3 times a week.

Regards losing weight: unfortunately this is very slow process but I am not giving up. My greatest enemies are bread and sweet so I decided to eliminate them from my diet (only for very very special occasions).  Also elimination of the junk food and cooking from raw ingredients is the Must.

Exercising: I exercise now every day.  Usually early in the morning, but that depends on how long my kids sleep in the morning.

My third priority is for my family to be financially secure and independent.

Recently I have been listening a motivational audiogram by Brian Tracy. In this program, he asks one question: “Do you want to be financially independent?”

My answer: “Of, course”.

Brian’s another question: “Why aren’t you then?”

“Why aren’t you then?” – This question is now ingrained in my brain.

“Why am I not financially independent?”

How come working for almost 10 years and having a decent salary I am not financially independent? Well, from now I will be (I made this decision on 26th June 2014). So here are my Goals:

  • to be very frugal with money (write down every spending)
  • to delay each significant spending by a week or month
  • to stop spending money on non-essentials
  • to save 10% of my income (and lock it away for financial independence and make it work using the compound interest)
  • to pay all our debts
  • to save and invest
  • to find new sources of income
  • to start my own business.

…and I know I will accomplish all my goals!